Grades of Felt

Felt is vital for a pool table’s performance and appeal.

– 303 grade felt is cost-effective for casual or moderately competitive play.
– 505 grade felt suits highly competitive players.
– Tournament-grade fabric offers superior performance and durability for professionals and those seeking peak performance.

We provide custom felt at a more affordable price than online options. Personalize your pool table with your logo or favorite sports team branding. Includes a one-year warranty, ensuring protection against damage.

Contact us for more information and to explore the options for re-felting your pool table.


Re-felting Process

In the felting process, we employ pliers to safely remove all staples from the old felt, ensuring that none get lost in the carpet.

While we could complete the job more quickly, they prioritize quality over speed.

When replacing the felt on the slate, we utilize spray adhesive to establish a secure bond. This method is neater and less likely to create a mess compared to stapling.

To achieve a professional finish, we cover the pockets with felt strips, fully enveloping the slate.

Rail felt is provided as part of the overall felt package.

If you’re uncertain about which grade or color of felt to choose for your pool table, get in contact with us and we can answer your questions.

How To Quote Re-felting

Grade Options for Felt:
– You can select from three different grades: 303 grade, 505 grade, or Simonis grade.

Color Options for Felt:
– The cheapest choices are Red, Blue, and Green.

Impact of Pool Table Size on Felt Costs:
– Please note that the cost of the felt will vary based on the size of your pool table.

Location-Based Pricing:
– The most competitive rates are available for areas located within a 30-minute radius of Joliet.

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