Bumper Repairs

Having precise information about the bumper type (K66, K55, or U23) installed on your pool table is crucial for us to ensure the selection of appropriate parts.

Please find below some details about each bumper type:

K66: This is the standard rail used on the majority of pool tables.

K55: K55 bumpers are commonly found on coin-operated pool tables.

U23: While U23 bumpers are the third most popular choice, they are rarely used.

If you have any further inquiries regarding the identification of the right parts, don’t hesitate to contact us.

rail lengthings

Slate Repair:

To ensure accurate replacement, we need the measurements of the slate in order to determine the appropriate size to order.

Additionally, we require a picture of the current slate taken from the ceiling to verify that the hole measurements align with the necessary specifications for a successful installation.

Pocket Repair:

Understanding the type of pocket and its attachment method to the table is crucial for us to determine the most suitable replacement pockets and the appropriate installation approach.

Knowing the make and model of the table would be great for helping find the best measure for the repair.

Having this information will enable us to provide an accurate quote and ensure that the correct parts and materials are available for the job.

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